Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation


Many people have never heard of Radiofrequency Radiation also known as RF Radiation and/or Electromagnetic Radiation and classified as one of the Non-ionizing type of radiations. Microwave dishes and all types of antennas emit radiofrequency radiation, which in turn create fields. These fields are known as electromagnetic radiation fields. In the United States we are told this type of radiation is not dangerous to our health. Other countries are not so willing to toss safety aside for commerce. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, the U.S. ranks 47th on the list, right after Peru, for safety and health considerations. That’s a startling revelation to know so many  countries are more informed about this toxic substance than are our own government agencies that are in charge of overseeing the use of telecommunications, toxin and Public safety.

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What is Radio-frequency Radiation? According to the U.S. Army: It is a form of Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that can have temporary effects (burns, shocks, etc.) and can cause permanent effects (scarring, loss of eyesight, etc.). The thermal effects last only as long as the energy is present, with possible damage to organs (including tissue) eyes, heart, brain, etc. 

  More Partial-body effects.
Skin depth vs. frequency for conductors including human tissue with saline contents. Higher radiofrequency currents tend to “crowd” the outer perimeter of that conductive material while lower radiofrequency currents tend to be more distributed throughout the conductor. [Remember the conductor they are referring to is a human body]. Long term effects are not under-stood, but are under considerable study by the scientific community. Any long term effects may be known only after much more 
Investigation is completed.
FINAL NOTE: Though non-ionizing radiation cannot be seen, we must use our knowledge to know where it may be so that we can guard against overexposure and injury. [All italics are direct quotes from U.S. Army CECOM Directorate for Safety, dated 2/21/2003].

 This Statement that can be found on the OSHA website: “Non-ionizing radiation is described as a series of energy waves composed of oscillating electric and magnetic fields traveling at the speed of light. Non-ionizing radiation includes the spectrum of ultraviolet (UV), visible light, infrared (IR), microwave (MW), radio frequency (RF), and extremely low frequency (ELF). Lasers commonly operate in the UV, visible, and IR frequencies. Non-ionizing radiation is found in a wide range of occupational settings and can pose a considerable health risk to potentially exposed workers if not properly controlled.”

 More photos of Likely Mountain, Modoc National Forest, Lassen County, California. Elevation 7379 feet above sea level.

Excerpts from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Government Training Manual:

How do magnetic fields couple to the body?

The magnetic field causes charges to flow in conductive fluid (the persons tissue) in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the field as the field strength changes. The currents are largest farthest away from the center of the object (the person's trunk in this example). At 1/120th of a second later the direction of the magnetic field is fully reversed so the current will flow in the opposite direction The current sloshes back and forth like water inside a washing machine during the wash cycle. Current flow can also be induced in large organs, such as the brain or heart.

Temporary male sterility @ 5.6 W/kg

Testicular changes @ ³15 W/kg

Leutenizing hormone changes @ >2 W/kg

Teratology (animals only) Malformed offspring found @ ³31 W/kg, strong thermal dependence (temp >41°C)

Thermoacoustic(Pulsed only)

Observed in radar operators in WWII as perceived clicking sound

Possible cause of neurological effects observed by James Lai @ 0.6 W/kg.











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Text Box: PERSONAL IMAGES: I had them take the clock out of the room. The bone pain wakes me up and I see that only ten  minutes, twenty minutes, five minutes have passed since I last closed my eyes, this has been going on for weeks.  I sleep in a chair now as I have not been able to sleep in a bed for the last nine months due to the constant pain.  My bones are so tender, I can’t even stand to touch my own shins with lotion. The doctors keep making tests, but they don’t tell me what’s wrong with me. I cry an awful lot now. No one seems to be able to find out what’s wrong with me. [Diary entries for the years 2002 and 2003. Mary.]

By Spring of 2004, the bone pain began to recede, but my breathing difficulties and confusion did not. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Toxic Encephalopathy and moderate brain damage. I had all the symptoms of a light stroke, but that was due to the severity of the toxic radiation exposure I had suffered at Likely Mountain. I now had a clue as to what was  wrong with me.  I began to research into toxic  brain damage and RF radiation exposure. What I learned did not shock me. Many of  health problems caused this type of radiation was exactly what I had been experiencing for myself. I next turned to take a good look at what our own Department of Defense had to say about  RF Radiation and its effects on those serving in the Military and found pretty much the same consensus on the matter with references to psychological as well as physical injuries. In one instance several military personnel were exposed for the better part of a minute and some of them had to be put in straight jackets due to their high agitation.

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          Entrenched positions

An increasing number of scientists are reporting various negative health effects of non-ionizing radiation, even at strengths and frequencies which produce no heating effect or so-called thermal interactions. The positions are entrenched, and there are two schools among physicians: those who exclusively relate to the heating effect, and those who see indications of influences far more extensive than this. The conflict surrounding radiation exposure guidelines and possible health hazards has been going on since the 1950s.

The Russian scientist Igor Belyaev, connected to the University of Stockholm, is among those who have spent years researching radiation effects on cell tissue and DNA. In 2005, he wrote a long letter to the Swedish Parliament and concerned ministers, where he issued a strong warning against basing political decisions on what he believes are incomplete consequence reports on radiation guidelines from the Swedish Research Council and Radiation Safety Agency. He never received any reply. In the letter he points out that the health of entire generations may be at risk. He requested specifically that research was initiated with funds not provided by the industry or via ICNIRP. The result was that he, at that point, had his own applications for research grants rejected. ICNIRP has not changed its standpoint, but their Russian sister organization, RNCNIRP, recognizes without reservations that exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation may produce a wide variety of negative biological effects, including serious illness.





November 6, 2008 -  On November 3, Representative Dennis Kucinich, Chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee, sent a letter asking FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to consider the potential health effects before voting on an Order that would authorize the use of the ‘White Space’ spectrum for wireless devices operating in the home. Skeptics have expressed concern that the use of the White Space spectrum would result in the repeated and long-term exposure to RF radiation, to which the human health effects are not adequately known. On November 4th, the FCC adopted the Second Report and Order, which allowed such use. EMR POLICY INSTITUTE    


[I know from firsthand experience, FCC Chairman Martin & his agency zealously protect their licensees and do their best to hide the dangers of this type radiation.  I believe there is too much money involved. Mary]

Laser Doppler flowmetry revealing changes in blood flow before (left) and after multiple EMF exposure to subject’s back. (Flow reversal occurs every 120th of a second).





Livermore National Laboratory refers to the phenomena as a washing machine effect.


   What is the difference between an adult rattlesnake bite and a baby rattlesnake bite?  Very little, either one can kill you or make you very sick. I use the rattlesnake for an example, as people are much more familiar with snake bite as a poison than they are with toxic radiofrequency radiation exposure. According to NASA radio-waves (cell phones), microwaves, x-rays, and radioactive gamma rays are all electromagnetic radiation. They only vary on the scale of intensity. Using that analogy, a poison is a poison. While one may kill you instantly, others may take decades. So I guess the next questions is why the silence from so many top people in government, medicine, science and health fields and Universities, that should be concerned about the side effects of low level radiation exposure? Could it be the money involved?                               


HAZ-MAP Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Agents

                                                 U.S. National Library of Medicine


Disease/Syndrome: Cataract, chemical or radiation induced.

Category: Chronic.

Poison Acute/Chronic: Chronic,

Synonyms: Lens opacities, Pseudoaphakia.

Comments: Causes of occupational cataracts include microwaves, TNT, ionizing radiation, infrared radiation, naphthalene, dinitrophenol, dinitrol-o-cresol, and ethylene oxide. [Mullan] Intense exposure to UV light in the 295-320 nm range can cause cataracts that usually appear within 24 hours. Cataracts caused by chronic exposure to UV light of wavelength greater than 320 nm have been reported. [LaDou, p. 138-9] "X-ray radiation in a dose of 500-800 R directed toward the lens surface can cause cataracts, sometimes with a delay of several months to a year before the opacities appear.

Latency/Incubation: Hours to years.

Diagnostic: Eye examination.


[Please Note: That microwaves are radiofrequency (RF) radiation and are classified as a chronic poison by the NIH (National Institutes of Health).]