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I use the dancing baby as a reminder that there is more

at stake here than my own health.

Excerpts for a Statement I Made for the Following Briefing and Later Updates.††††††

†††† Public Policy Education Briefing on the Inadequacy of Federal

Policy on Regulating the Environmental and Human Effect of Radiofrequency (RF)

Radiation Hosted by Vermont† Congressman† Peter Welch and Senators Patrick Leahy

and Barry Sanders, May 10, 2007

†† Itís a shock to find out what made you sick was your job site. Especially, when you also find out there are numerous Federal laws that have been enacted to protect you, but no one was following them. Even a bigger shock to find out that not one Federal agency cares. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was absolutely no help. Chairman Martinís Office told me that they donít handle RF radiation complaints. ďThose have to be lodged with the President.Ē The U.S. Forest Service, who has governing control over Likely Mountain and the lessees that lease land for the telecommunications towers, also did nothing as they stated the FCC oversees the antennas and towers. The Environmental Protection Agency doesnít protect people from radiofrequency or microwave radiation. NIOSH emphatically stated they do not investigate telecommunication radiation exposure. NIH never got back to us as did most Federal agencies. OSHA didnít have anyone with experience at testing for radiation or the equipment to test and so closed the case. We have talked to several dozen Federal agencies and their employees and have not had one person with even a hint that they would help us or investigate our complaints. An incident report has never been written or made for what happened at Likely Mountain, despite there being at least one death and a dozen children injured.

†† Likely Mountain lookout was built in 1958. It oversees several populated areas, but it also served as backup protection for some environmentally protected areas and species. I say backup because when a lookout spots a smoke, they can generally get a fire crew into a fire while it is still small and before it can do much damage. In the early 1980s, the State of California and the local phone company built telecommunication towers and equipment vaults and installed antennae and microwave dishes by the dozen. As the years passed by, more antennas were added and more companies and entities joined the telecommunication services that were already in place. In 2001, United States Cellular erected a new tower approximately 40 feet from the lookout tower and filled it with microwave dishes and cellular panels. The lookout tower by now was fully surrounded by over 80 antennae, microwave dishes and cellular panels that operate hundreds of transmitting channels.

†† In the meantime, while all this building, erecting, installing and upgrading went on, the lookouts who resided n site, kept right on working and living on the site. Not one of the telecommunications agencies and various government entities posted any warnings signs, nor did they tell the lookouts they were in any danger of radiation exposure. It was not until the lookouts became sick and disabled that OSHA closed the lookout tower.

†† We have complained to all who would listen that the law wasnít followed at Likely Moun≠tain, but to no avail. The Forest Service will write a 20 page incident report and issue a citation that requires an appearance in Federal Court, for picking up a rock on forest land, but you will find no incident reports for Likely Mountain. OSHA will fine a contractor $750 for not having toilet paper at a job site, but not posting warning signs or installing lockouts pursuant to law at a telecommunications site, rates zero dollars. The FCC will fine a licensee ten of thousands of dollars for not having a light installed on top of a telecommunications tower, or the tower painted, but not one dollar for human exposure, injury and death.

†† Out of 16 victims tested so far, 15 have brain and blood cell damage, among other injuries. There are several incidents of cancer with one dead, one terminal and one we hoping for remission as it is too late to operate and one in remission. Nine of the victims have tumors of one kind or another. Three have microwave cataracts. One female, the mother of the little boy on the cover page, went into early menopause at the age of 24. There are others out there that were injured at Likely Mountain. A County Supervisor contacted us several weeks back because of another person that was very ill and who had worked at Likely Mountain.

†† Over the years that I worked at Likely Mountain, many people came up to the lookout to see the incredible views of Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen to the west. Looking east, you can see the Granite Mountains in Nevada and to the north Oregon mountains. On a really clear day, you can actually see the Trinity Alps, 300 miles northwest of the Mountain. Every summer we got bus loads of children from summer camps in the valley below. We also had an entire Boy Scout troop spend the night on the last leg of their hike. Unfortunately, they slept at the bottom of the State radio next to the lookout tower and next to the metal radio vault. Many children, pregnant women and the Public in general, spent time at Likely Mountain. What they didnít know and neither did any of us, is that this type of telecom≠munication radiation couples to the human body and exposure rates double when two or more humans are present and standing close to each other. Exposure rates also double when you raise an arm or a leg. People actually become a living antenna, but donít know it because you cannot feel or see the radiation zinging through you. Telecommunication radiation also couples to surrounding metal objects creating larger radiation fields. The lookout tower is metal, the large radio vault is metal, the RV living quarters was metal, as is automobiles, trucks and buses, etc., and they all are capable of conducting and expanding a nearby radiation field.

†† It is too late to protect those who were injured at Likely Mountain, but it is not too late to protect others all over the United States who may be in danger of this type of radiation exposure or who are visiting dangerous telecommunication sites that like Likely Mountain, that have no warning signs up or fencing to pro≠tect the Public.

†† For those Federal employees who have stated that FCC licensees are regulated and therefore you cannot be injured by them, is moronic, at best. Also that the same employees would further state that they donít have exposure rates to fit your situation as your situation is over the limit allowed, is unacceptable. Here again, there appears to a massive lack of trained and willing personnel to follow the mandates set down by Congress.



†† As for the use of telecommunications in the United States, laws have been written and a federal entity (FCC) put in power. The written laws are not being enforced by the FCC for large corporations unless they are fined for painting the towers or not having proper lights on the towers. We noted that when U.S. Cellular Corporation was found to have caused excess radiation exposure, they were not fined. Instead, a consent decree was made between the FCC and the corporation.† A consent degree is an exoneration of all offenses for a minor donation to the United States Treasury. I say minor because they can pay $100,000 and more for technical offenses, such as faulty lighting and missing paint, but only donate ten to twenty thousand for frying people with radiation. Often, they pay nothing, as is the case with Likely Mountain. The phone companies involved at Likely Mountain, testified in Sacramento Federal District Court, that ďCongress gave them impunity from damages as a trade off for cell phone coverage.Ē† I personally donít believe that, but they use the same defense over and over in various States around the country and are very successful with it in court.

†† It is our belief, the Federal Government needs better trained personnel. Right now if you contact anyone at the Office of Energy and Technology at the FCC, they have no answers. They cannot give you the exposure rates for continuous exposure. They only have rates for 6 minute and 30 minute exposure. They state they do not know about field expansion and will not take into consideration human body coupling to RF radiation. They will not consider multiple antenna emissions and exposure at Likely Mountain. They will not consider claims of injury as they state their licensees are regulated and it canít happen. One FCC employee at Spectrum Division, in Washington D.C., by the name of Carmen, stated that we couldnít be closer than 500 feet to the active towers. When I stated we were only a few feet away from the microwave dishes, she said it wasnít possible. She then asked me where my permanent home was located. I told her Modesto, California. She asked me how many miles would that be from the towers? I stated about 360 miles. She then exclaimed that I couldnít possibly have gotten injured as I was miles away from the towers. There was no getting around her. Very frustrating at the time, but I now realize that she was only doing her job of making sure no complaints get through or get lodged against FCC licensees for human radiation exposure.




†† I have hesitated on setting down some of my own personal thoughts on what happened at Likely Mountain, as it relates to my children and grandchildren. I want to be objective, but that is difficult for every time I look at a photo of my grandsons that have suffered brain damage and blood cell damage and God only knows what other kind of damage, my objectivity gets up and goes and so I keep putting it off, but I came across the following words that I wrote in my diary back in 2005 and will share it with you.

IMAGES: I used to think that the worst part of knowing that my decision to work at Likely Mountain was that I had failed to protect my family and having to live with that for the rest of my life. But there is another side to the Mirror of Life, that is starting to haunt me, I also will have to die with that knowledge!

† †††††††† I have read several comments made in discussion groups, mostly by gentlemen, to the effect that I am way off base and this type of radiation canít hurt you and that there are no studies out there that say it will harm you.

One stated he had worked for years on radio towers and nothing had hurt him. He then stated that if he wasnít disabled, he would climb the towers again and prove it. Hmmm! I wonder what disabled him.


†††††††††† These men have obviously have not been looking at any articles at the National Library of Medicineís TOXLINE or even listening to the news on CNN. To them, I say I hope I am proven wrong. That would be the best news I could possibly ever have. But if there is even a slight chance that† I and all the recent research not paid for by the Industry is right, the toll on human life in this Country will be horrendous and into the hundred millions. Can we really afford to wait 30 years from now to find out? The University of Washington, has stated in one of their Newsletters that we are now in the largest ongoing study in history as they watch the effects of cell phone radiation on human health. The stated something to the effect that they believe the final outcome of this study will make what happened with cigarettes and human health look like a mere bump in the road.†


June 22, 2009. I havenít added anything new for awhile as I have been sidetracked, not only by working on my court cases, but because my husbandís cancer is back. He has new tumors in the lungs. One is up against the heart and we are just waiting to see it will stabilize or have to be removed. Either way, the doctor says there is very little they can do. If they go in and remove the growths, it will severely weaken him, not to mention the surgery is very dangerous. If they wait, he will have more strength and probably even more time or at least quality time.† His type of cancer is known as Sacroma and has a serious mortality rate. In 2001, they amputated his deltoid muscle of his left shoulder right down to the bone and then used radiation to eradicate any cells left. He has one of the best doctors one can find. When he had his previous surgery, there were only 8 doctors in the U.S. that could save his arm. So now we wait and see. Hopefully, we will have more time with each other. We will have been married 48 years in December of this year. That sounds like such a long time, but in reality it is not long enough when it comes down to losing one that you love and cherish. Which of course, you all already know that. All I am doing is reminding you that time is precious. Use it wisely and take time to give those close to you a hug.† Mary


Donít forget to write or email your State and Federal Legislators and local TV stations and Newspapers today!

Tell them that† this type of radiation flying freely through the air and your bodies and your homes, is according

to NASA, the same type of radiation as radioactive radiation, just lower in intensity and needs to be investigated.†

NOW not later! Also remind them that it needs to be investigated by someone that cannot be influenced by the

FCC or the Industry, as both have a huge financial stake In WIFI services