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There are Laws in California for Perjury, Fraud, Manslaughter and Assault with a Deadly Substance and such acts are punishable by imprisonment, but those Laws do not apply to those who work for the State of California or at least not yet. So I have decided to make a list of those who willingly helped caused or help covered up the deaths of three people and the injuries to another dozen citizens, including causing moderate brain damage to two children and post it below. My list may be the only acknowledgement ever seen of the foul deeds done by those named below. 
I’ll start with the main culprits, those who were in charge of the State’s telecommunications operations at Likely Mountain and have used their job status to hide their responsibility for  at least three deaths, dozens of injuries, multiple acts of fraud and perjury. 

Former Deputy Director Barry Hemphill.
Senior Engineer Richard Williams.
Senior Engineer Michael Ensminger.
Operations Manager Al Muir.
Supervisor Rich Zanni.
Battalion Chief Brad Lutts—Modoc Lassen Unit.
Battalion Chief Vince Wall—Modoc Lassen Unit. 
Battalion Chief John Hughes—Modoc Lassen Unit.

Then you have those who were elected or hired to protect Citizens, but instead, used their influence to insure that others cooperated  to cover up what happened at Likely Mountain.

Attorney General Edmund (Jerry Brown).
Deputy Attorney General Catherine Woodbridge-Guess.
Deputy Attorney James Walters. 
California Attorney Jeremy Thomas.
CALFIRE attorney Bruce Crane.


Judge Brigham Jones, WCAB Redding, California. “It is unfair of Ms. Jasso to show the Defendants witnesses (Richard Williams and Michael Ensminger) committed fraud and perjury.”

“Overruled! I cannot let you impeach the defendants (State of California) expert witnesses.” 

“Ms. Jasso found a legal expert to represent her.  After I had a private talk with him he quit.”

“It doesn’t matter whether the Mayo Clinic found that the State licensed doctors hired by the defendants made incorrect diagnosis or whether they even address your brain injuries or paralysis. What matters is that they state your job for the defendants did not cause your high blood pressure.”

“I was in a meeting at the Justice Department last week in Sacramento. I was told your family lost their case in Superior Court.” (This was said four weeks before the actual event.  Judge Jones did not know the hearing that was scheduled to take place the same week he was in Sacramento, had been postponed). 

	(My question would be why is a Workers’ Compensation Judge discussing a civil case with California Deputy Attorney Generals, at the Department of Justice, or even discussing one of his Workers’ Compensation cases with them, considering  it is the State that is the defendant in both actions and it is the California Department of Justice that is the defense counsel for the defendants. Hmmm!)
[Remember folks this is JERRY BROWN’S OFFICE 
that we are talking about.] 

Judge Stephen Bradbury, Lassen County Superior Court, Susanville California. “I don’t have a problem with perjury in my Courtroom. It is not how the Defendants (State of California) prevailed, it is that they prevail.”

WCAB Appeals Board, Redding California. “We agree with Judge Jones. It is unfair for Ms. Jasso to show that the Defendants’ witnesses (Richard Williams and Michael Ensminger) committed fraud and perjury.”

California Third District Appellate Court, Sacramento, California. First Opinion. “If we were to grant Ms. Jasso the right to be free of harm from others it would dismantle California Workers’ Compensation Laws.” 
Second Opinion. “We agree with Judge Jones and the WCAB Appeals Board, that it is unfair for Ms. Jasso to show the defendants’ witnesses committed fraud and perjury.”

Presiding Justice Arthur G. Scotland
Cole Blease, Associate Justice
Rick Sims, Associate Justice
Vance W. Raye, Associate Justice
Harry Hull, Associate Justice  

California Supreme Court. “We Agree with the California Third District Appellate Court.” 

Chief Justice Ronald M. George
Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno
Associate Justice Joyce L. Kennard
Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar
Associate Justice Ming W. Chin
Associate Justice Marvin R. Baxter
Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan 

I can’t remember all the names and there are other names that that need to be added to the above list, but I will have to dig out all the paperwork to find them and it will have to wait for another day. 

At this time I am no longer able to fight them, my attention is needed elsewhere. Both my husband and my sister, who were also exposed at Likely Mountain, have cancer and are not doing all that well. 

California Attorney General Jerry Brown and Deputy Attorney General James Walter,  included in their written directive (legal brief) to the Federal District Court in Sacramento, California. “Even if perjury and fraud were committed, it is State business and not Federal business.” 

ASK THE QUESTION:  WHY?  And then think back to all the microwave dishes at California schools, public buildings, police stations, fire houses, etc., that used to be on the buildings or ground and that have quietly disappeared these last few years since the Likely Mountain incident. Those injured at Likely Mountain are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Ten of thousands of school children have suffered brain damage, asthma, blood disorders, anxiety, loss of cognition and there are some that have even died all because State engineers like Mr. Michael Ensminger and Mr. Richard Williams, when questioned in Court,  had never heard of OSHA’s statement on the dangers of microwave radiation. Mr. Williams himself, testified on the stand that the State of California does not follow OSHA or FCC standards.  Deputy Attorney General Catherine Guess told the Superior Court that the State of California is not mandated to follow Federal Law.




October 31, 2008: Last week I was emailing my son and when I tried to tell him to give a hug to my grandchildren for me, I couldn’t recall my granddaughters name. It was very frustrating as it was late at night and I had no one I could ask. About two hours later, it came to me. Her name is Madison. I guess I will have to start putting printed labels on my grandchildren’s photos on the wall so that I can remember their names. I dread the day when even that won’t help me. That is the world someone with brain damage lives in. It is not something that I wish to see others go through. We have to start now to get our legislators and health people to recognize the dangers of this type of low level radiation, not later.                                         Mary








Text Box: It is a violation of the most fundamental human rights to impose risk of death upon individuals without their consent. Human rights should not be sacrificed to the pursuit of a healthy economy, affluence, progress, science, or any other goal —   Dr. John Goffman, Professor Emeritus, University of California School of Medicine, in 'Radiation and Human Health', 1981.

This page is dedicated to Ken Hurtado. A young man who was Employed by Lucient and Verizon Wireless

to work on cell phone towers. He was never told about the radiation being emitted by the active antennas

until after he had surgery at the age of 26, for kidney cancer. The next cancer site was his brain and then

his lungs and finally spinal tumors